Vacations without kids

One of the reasons for which I will cease having holidays during summer is the presence of children in my zone. I have nothing against them. I even find them fascinating when observing them from the 3rd person perspective. They seem more independent when thinking and more self-confident than adults. Even so, I understand the parents that had to sped time during the lockdown and why they prefer letting the kids using the smartphones, or something a bit better, getting them somewhere and let someone else take care of them. Everything only to get some rest after work when all are together but the kids still have energy.

Before the pandemic times, some of the parents were sending their children to rugby sessions. I have had the chance and interest to spend time with some kids aged around 7 to 8 years assisting Matei in teaching them something about rugby. I found it amusing how the parents stayed on the sidelines gazing their phones or socialising among themselves in the same time as me and Matei were depleted of energy and patience.

Now Matei manages a new project: Arlechinii Kids. It`s his kids – 3, and some close ones. The sessions are very interactive, most of the children follow him, even his, and all the fun makes sense. Everything is focused on Touch – a very accessible variant of rugby, inspired from Rugby League, which demands contact exclusively with the fingers. Basically, the kids are put into situations that demand a lot of running, space orientation, anticipation, communication, continuous support, taking decisions, work on a plan and apply it in order to score a try if they insist on being competitive. All the activities are based on play, are diverse and progress so that everybody is involved. Besides the physical effort and the games, the children learn to get along in a group, to respect rules, get creative, get over difficult situations and form a team.

Matei is holding a schedule and a plan for all this. He is involved, having life and game experience, up to date in regard to rugby and training methods for children and even World Rugby certified. As I was saying in the past, I`m a total amateur, but after seeing some things, I prefer his philosophy for teaching kids> running rugby.

One thing I like about these sessions is that Matei gets in the game too and plays like a big kid motivating and entertaining the real kids.

Given this, I think this would be a win-win-win-win situation if parents would encourage kids to spend their time doing something that favors learning. For example if they send them to Arlechinii Kids, the parents will gain at least 2 hours each week (per session), the kids will play and develop habits that will have value later in life or will allow them further development, will socialize with other kids, will spend time in nature and sun, Matei will follow his passion and I will not have to dodge kids on the beach. In fact, and mostly over time, the gains are multiple, even for a society that lost (if it ever had…) the community spirit and civic initiative.

Now the session are held at Verde Stop, a place I enjoyed: secluded and quiet, natural, taken care of, close to the center and easy to get there. We thank to the administrators for supporting the cause!

Viri viri viri viri virii…

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